Lingard set to join a new club, settling down in the Premier League

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Lingard set to join a new club, settling down in the Premier League. After Manchester United’s contract expires.

Jesse Lingard is close to accepting a new agency in battle. English premier league football Fully referr to as a free agent. When the contract expires. Manchester United Football Club. After the end of last season. 29-year-old England national team. Has attract by many big teams in the European league. Even became link with a club in Major League Soccer USA. But latest reports from good country media are in the same direction. That Lingard will continue to play in the Premier League. When it is close to accepting offer. From Nottingham Forest, the newcomer

The former Manchester United midfielder spent the second half of the 2020/21 season on loan with West Ham United, producing impressive results. Impressed with a record of nine goals in 16 league appearances. He was unable to maintain a place. In the Red Devils first team last season.

Lingard previously in contention with West Ham. Everton in the English top-flight. Before the end. It will be the Rangers. According to reports from the UFABET. as a team that has spent a total of £180,000-a-week on the club’s wages. Until making it favorite team grab him join the team.

Forest has already more 70 million pounds in the army. This summer after being promote from the Championship with the signing of 10 new players, including

  • Taiwo Awoniyi from Union Berlin – £18.45 million
  • Neco Williams, from Liverpool – £18 million
  • Moussa Niakate from Mainz 05 – £9 million
  • Jolion Biencone from Trois – £9 million
  • Omar Richards, from Bayern Munich – £7.65 million
  • Lewis Brien from Huddersfield – £5.31 million
  • Harry Toffolo from Huddersfield – £5.31 million
  • Brandon Aguilera from Alajuen Lense – £850,000
  • Wayne Hennessey from Burnley – free agent
  • Dean Henderson from Manchester United – Loan