Countdown Gunde-Chelsea after Sevilla cut best

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Countdown to GundeChelsea after Sevilla cut the best players from the pre-season team.

Spanish La Liga’s Sevilla has officially remove the name of defender Jules Kunde from the pre-season squad amid speculation link to Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League in the transfer market this summer.

The Blues just closed a deal to sign a central defender to join Stamford Bridge. Gunde the only one being Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli – £34m) following the loss of Andreas Christensen (Barcelona) and Antonio Rudiger this summer as free agents. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City – £50m) is another new addition to the Blues’ attacking line.

As previously report Sevilla has reportedly accepted an offer worth 65 million euros (about 55.6 million pounds) for the Blue Lions. The purchase of a 23-year-old star player is completed.

“We still need some new players to increase the team’s potential,” Tuchel said during a pre-season training session for Dan Uncle Sam. “We finished the season in third place last season. There is a gap between us and the top teams. If we are to maintain the same level. We need to improve the team. We cannot stand on the same team. Otherwise, the other team can get past us when the team loses a key player.

“It’s a simple principle. Every manager’s dream is to grab a player from the league we’re in so it’s easier to settle in. Raheem is familiar with the English club and his English team-mates are here. While Cali. Look, he knows Mendy on the national team and, yes, Jorginho has played with him to his success at Napoli. He is one of our key signings. We need to speed things up for the rest of the time.”