What is gourd crab fish? Analyze the rules of the big game.

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What is gourd crab fish? Analyze the rules of the big game.

Gourds crabs fish game fish, shrimp crabs also known as fish shrimp and zigbo crabs originated in southern China. And it was once a game that people played very popular. How many online gambling games are there to choose from? Little Taozi is pushing this electronic sicbo game. Which is easy to play and can also support multiple players simultaneously, making it easier to use. So it’s a must-have game for the new year too.

Starting up, the croupier shakes the dice cup with the dice and starts betting.
There are three dice print on the table for different betting methods.
The method of winning the game is base on UFABET guesswork. The “mark” of the three dice in the dice cup as a result of a win.

Gourd Crab Fish Game props: Requires three dice engraved with fish shrimp crab.

  • Money, gourd and chicken. There are three dice printed on dice cups and tables with different betting methods. after each round The next round will start over.
  • The numbers represented by the various formats are:
  • One dot = fish (red), two dots = shrimp (green),
  • Three dots = gourd (blue), four dots = tiger (blue),
  • Five points = Crab (Green), Six Points = Chicken (Red).
  • After the dealer rolls the dice at the beginning of each round, bets can be placed, after the bet is made, click to open the dice.
    After the dealer opens the dice The dice are paid according to the result of the rolls of the dice in the dice cup.
  • Fish, Shrimp, Crab, also known as Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Sic Bo, betting patterns and odds are the same as dice.

gourd crab fish game fish, shrimp, crab

It’s a kind of game as well. But most of the gamblers are not familiar with this game. The types and odds of the fish, shrimp and crab games are similar to the gameplay and basic rules of the game. A commonly played dice game! Only dice that use fish, shrimp, crabs, money (some children use tigers instead of money), gourds and chicken stripes instead of points. 

The game of fish, shrimp and crab originated in China. And it was once a common gambling in the south. There is still this way of gambling in Macau Xiao Taozi casino. The following uses tables to make everyone understand the fish, shrimp and crab gambling games, odds and Sic Bo terminology.